Sadly, we just missed the Dalai Lama. He was out preaching when we passed by his place.

Heather, Chief Client Officer. Trekked across the Indian Himalayas with her colleagues, and husband (2012)

TNS is resolutely committed to Brighter Futures; the UNICEF partnership we founded in 2004, that has since been adopted Kantar-wide. Our work with UNICEF provides a natural fit for our global network – currently, we’re striving to help under-privileged children reach their full potential in Malawi, Bolivia and Bangladesh.

Each year we organise an expedition: whether it’s biking across the Andes, traversing the Great Wall of China or trekking across the elegant Himalayan landscape. We also fundraise throughout the year, through various local initiatives that anyone can get involved in. You’ll be able to meet colleagues from across the business and raise crucial funds for this enduring, charitable partnership. 

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