If you’re not surprised, chances are it’s not an insight.

Bob, Global Development Director

We regularly collaborate in teams and across the wider TNS community, sharing knowledge and innovating to find new solutions. Because we know we’re smarter and stronger together. 

It takes assurance to speak to the world’s greatest brands; showing them the exact path to take. We’re not afraid to tell the truth, and we’re confident transacting in the unknown: the future

We’re experts and leaders in our industry. Whether it’s discovering the real reasons shoppers make a purchase (or walk away empty-handed), understanding local differences in global patterns of consumption, or providing rich insight from qualitative data – we can always show the client why.  

We’re truly future-focused. Not only for our clients and in our own careers, but in our refusal to stand still as the market research industry grows and develops at an exciting pace. We’re shaping the very fabric of what we do (and why it matters), daily.