There’s a piece of what we do in every citizen’s pocket.

Leendert, Global Head of Political & Social

Citizens, rather than consumers. Public bodies, rather than businesses. Welcome to Political & Social at TNS – where it’s not just a change in terminology, but a shift in goals that defines our practice area. As the leading social research division in the world, we go beyond meeting the usual corporate KPIs to help societies’ most powerful decision makers (government bodies, NGOs and other political organisations) make the best choices when it comes to our public services. The things that have enormous impact on all our daily lives.

Small research teams, passionate about a particular topic, work passionately to deliver very specific insights which – when taken together – provide an extensive, global perspective on the world’s most pressing topical, and long-term, social issues. We work together, leveraging our combined knowledge, to look across borders and establish best practice for all those we advise. Our social polling often features in the global media for its extensive influence and scope, and our recent contracts have included the world’s largest qualitative study (involving 1.2 million citizens). When it comes to hiring, we’re committed to finding the most analytical minds, with true methodological rigour and the social convictions to drive the world forward.